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Enjoy a Saturday evening on June 16th from 7:00pm - 9:00pm with a 5th dimensional channeled being named Melody facilitated by Author and Life Coach, Kendra Jonas, who has been channeling Melody since 2012. Bring any questions you want to ask and enjoy the accompaniment of Cellist, Guitarist, and Vocalist, Sarah Adams who will be sharing some of her exclusive songs just for this event!


About Kendra Jonas

Kendra has been a channel for a 5th dimensional being named, Melody since 2012. She has appeard on Lightwaves Radio, KGRA Starborn Radio, on The Practical Paranormal Radio Show, and on "As You Wish Talk Radio" with James Gilliland. Kendra has also given presentations at various events and conferences in light of sharing her experiences as an ET Contactee and as a channeler for extraterrestrial intelligence. She has written a book called, "The Link", which dives into the processes of what we need to know about the evolution of human consciousness as we merge more fully into our higher 5-D potential.

Kendra is currently working on a second book and is open for speaking engagements, radio interviews, workshops, and continues to do individual and group channeling sessions. If you would like to invite Kendra to your next event, please send an email request to:

About Sarah Adams

Sarah has been a performing musician/singer and leading group song in the Portland area for 25 years and doing sound healing concerts for the past 10 years. She currently performs in a musical ensemble called, "The Heart Song Weavers". She is also the director of the community choir, "On the wings of Song", which meets weekly in the Portland area. Sarah enjoys traveling to communities and hosting group song circles. You can find her group song videos at Sarah also enjoys doing puppet shows and inter-active concerts for children with her children's music group, Blossoming Heart Duo. Music for adults and children can be purchased at Her sound healing sessions as well as life coaching and relationship "first aide" sessions with her husband, Frank, can be purchased at Sarah is also a speaker and is available to speak on topics of "Self love", "Tools for calming Anxiety", and "Help with Navigating Personal and Planetary Ascension". To contact Sarah, please send your e-mail to