We Are Leveling Up On August 4th

Raise Your Vibration Through Ancient Angelic Teachings

Join us on Saturday August 4th from 5:00pm - 8:00pm for a fun 3-hour event hosted by 5-D Channeler, Kendra Jonas and Sound Healer & Toner, Taryn Scudder.

We will be showing ways how you can raise your vibration through ancient angelic teachings and wisdom shared from beyond and you will be able to enjoy musical tones and chants to help your mind, body, and spirit regain total balance while aligning your 7 chakras.

This Meetup is welcome to anyone with an open heart and mind who also wants to ask questions to Melody, who is a 5th Dimensional Being channeled by Kendra Jonas. Melody has been assisting people and offering life coaching sessions through this 5th dimensional perspective since 2012. Please feel free to ask any questions you want and please come as you are.

We will be meeting in a community room with a living room type of setting and a kitchen. Feel free to bring a snack you would like to share if you so feel inclined.

Event Time And Location:

Saturday Evening: August 4th 5:00pm-8:00pm
955 Tukwila Drive Woodburn, OR 97215


About Kendra Jonas

Kendra has been a channel for a 5th dimensional being named, Melody since 2012. She has appeard on Lightwaves Radio, KGRA Starborn Radio, on The Practical Paranormal Radio Show, and on "As You Wish Talk Radio" with James Gilliland. Kendra has also given presentations at various events and conferences in light of sharing her experiences as an ET Contactee and as a channeler for extraterrestrial intelligence. She has written a book called, "The Link", which dives into the processes of what we need to know about the evolution of human consciousness as we merge more fully into our higher 5-D potential.

Kendra is currently working on a second book and is open for speaking engagements, radio interviews, workshops, and continues to do individual and group channeling sessions. If you would like to invite Kendra to your next event, please send an email request to: connect@kendrajonas.com

About Taryn Scudder

Taryn's greatest passion in life is music and she has been singing for aslong as she can remember. Taryn is a Singer, Light and Sound Healer, and Guardian of Sacred Sound. She helps those who have been silenced to release the powerful, healing energy of their voice.

Taryn became aware of her talents after moving to Oregon and spending a lot of time in the forest meditating. She kept asking how she can be of service to the planet and she began seeing the energy of the trees and heard the gentle whisper of the wind and Gaia (Mother Earth) speak directly into her heart. The message was clear. "Sing, Vocal Yoga". 

​It is Taryn's mission and passion to help others unlock the hidden treasures within their heart too, through sound and resonance, so you can set your heart free. For more information, Check out Taryn's Website!