Download The C.P.R of Manifestation

I am taking pre-orders for The C.P.R of Manifestation's Downloadable Course
which will be ready for delivery in March 2018.
All pre-orders are 20% off! Regular Price is $75. Pre-Order This Package For Only $60.

You will receive 12 Video Courses channeled by Melody and facilitated by Kendra; a downloadable eBook Guide about the CPR of Manifestation, and several supplemental hands-on worksheets. And as a FREE BONUS, you will receive the additional 3 popular eBooks entitled: "The Power of Gratitude"; "The Secrets of the Subsconscious Millionaire Mind"; and "Abundant Thinking."
  • Introduction to manifestation, how and why it works: Learn the one thing that all successful manifesters have in common and the techniques that brought magnetic energy into their lives. Discover how other people have used these same techniques to win the lottery multiple times, get the job of their dreams, start and succeed in business ventures, find great real estate investment opportunities, find the love of their life, and much more!
Learn effective techniques for effective visualization and applying mind over matter. Get the results you want faster!
    • Discover the power of words and language and how it can be used to unleash powerful energy vortexes
    • Learn how to LISTEN to signs and signals that will lead you to exactly where you need to be at the perfect time. Become a link to the divinity of synchronicities.
Learn how to get rid of "Yah-Buts" or other interferrences ONCE AND FOR ALL so you can completely align with your divine birthright for abundance.
Download one-of-a-kind worksheets and other tools to get hands-on mastery to help you take your skills out into the real world.