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Download courses in Manifestation; Harnessing The 7 Principles of I AM; How To Become A Channel And Meet Your Spirit Guides, Discovering Your Higher Purpose, Expanding Into 5-D Consciousness And More...

What Is Channeling?

Channeling is an altered state of consciousness that allows one to connect to intelligences beyond the physical realm. Everyone can channel. We just aren't always consciously aware when we are doing it. Learn More...

"The Link"

Connecting To All That Is Through 7 Principles: "Knowing how to connect to 'The Link' is the gateway to accessing your higher consciousness, cosmic mind, and the quantum field." Learn More About How "The Link" Came Into Being.

About Orgone & How It Enhances Your Vibration

Humanity has known for tens of thousands of years that life is permeated and animated by an energetic force. The people of India call it prana, Hawaiians call it manna, the Chinese call it chi, and the Japanese call it ki. In the 1940's Dr. Wilhelm Reich MD, a US immigrant from Austria and a refugee from Nazi Germany, discovered a way to harness this life-force energy from the atmosphere because it was shown to strengthen the lives of all living things; including eradicating diseases in people, animals and plants; as well as eliminating droughts where there had been whether problems or atmospheric changes; and "orgone energy" was even shown to remove radiation and other toxins from the atmosphere.

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