Principle # 6 - You Are Creative

Dear One,

     It’s time to let go of any limiting beliefs you have about yourself and about the nature of the universe, so you can enter the zone of creative abundance, which knows no boundaries. Once you set yourself free from limitations, you can experience life as if it were a sea filled with endless possibilities and exciting new opportunities. You are expressing your creativity all the time, so it is important to become fully aware of “how” you are expressing your creative potential. 

     You hold a bright light within you and this light shines upon everything you come into contact with. How do you use this light within? Do you use your light to further enhance yourself and others in the most spiritual, joyful, expansive and passionate ways, or are you blocking your own light from shining, because you are adhering to a negative, limiting belief system? 

     Once you let go of fear, restrictions, or limiting ideas about yourself, which is the false sense of self, you will be connected to a higher vibration, which is linked to the infinite flow of creative, life-bearing energy. Creative energy is the fuel for your life and it is always centrally rooted in All That Is. Creation expresses itself through what it creates, and since you are an aspect of creation, then this means that you are a conduit for creation to express itself. Creation cannot exist without you and when you open the door to your own creativity, you will allow the light from All That IS to shine through you.

     This creative light filters down into your physical body from your higher mind or from your higher self. It is the spark that gives life to your creations and manifestations. This light comes from the energetic field of All That Is, which is constantly creating, constantly vibrating, and constantly shining its light through you, so long as you allow it to do so.

     This creative light cannot shine through you and do the work if you block it. As you become aware of the ways you have been blocking this creative energetic flow, this alone will allow the light to shine brighter, because truth and illumination are one and the same. This includes: Discovering the truth about who you are, the truth about the universe, and the truth about your own limitless potential. When you allow positive, creative energy to flow into your life, any obstacles that once weighed you down will dissolve, as though they never existed at all.

     The transparency of this light will open up a channel that will bring you into full awareness of your higher self. Your higher self will no longer seem like it is something out of reach or something that only exists in your imagination. Your higher self is your true self and when you allow your true self to become illuminated and bathed in light – abundance and infinite possibilities will be part of your everyday experience. This is the real YOU, and you can choose to identify with your infinitely abundant birthright, and express creative manifestations anytime you want. 

     Every time you think of your higher self and see this version of yourself in your minds eye, you will come to know that you are a flawless aspect of creation. You are the creator in your own life and you are powerful, capable, and beautiful. There isn't anything about your higher self that you will ever need to change. Your higher self is a perfect creation and reflection of All That Is. When you embrace and allow this higher aspect of yourself to work through you, you will realize, that simultaneously, you are also letting go of the ego self, which is the false sense of self, and this is the only thing that has been holding you back.

Transcribed from:
The Voice of Creation