Principle # 1 - You Are Pure Conscious Energy

Dear One,

     You have been led to believe that you are only a physical being and that your entire self is contained within a physical body. Your body is not your SELF. Your SELF is your consciousness and it exists outside the constraints of time and space. Your body is simply a vehicle or a container, allowing you to experience a physical existence so that you can receive, transmit, transform, and co-create energy, because your consciousness is comprised of energy. This means that YOU, as a being of energy, can never be contained, confined, or destroyed. You are infinite and eternal.

     Your true self is the “I AM” presence that exists in you, outside of you, and around you simultaneously. You are ONE with this energy, because your consciousness and core existence is actually formless and energetic. Knowing that you are a beacon of formless energy means that you are malleable and capable of becoming all you can create yourself to be in any moment. You are as free as your imagination will take you and you are as abundant as you decide you want to be. As you continue to discover your true energetic nature and your creative potential, you will begin to see that your consciousness is expansive and you are evolving within the body of creation and not separate from it. There is no aloneness or separateness within the energetic field of creation, because everything is always linked to this one vibration.

    Energy is abundant and never runs out, because it is linked to All That Is. You are part of this greater energy field that continues to expand out infinitely, branching out into unlimited probabilities and possibilities. This is your energy. This is you. Moving through you, around you, encapsulating you into physical form while maintaining your core existence, which is formless. You are pure conscious energy.

Transcribed from:
The Voice of Creation