Healing Beyond The Matrix - My Journey

By , Kendra Jonas

My husband and I bought six cucumber and zucchini unplugging from the matrixstarters to plant in our garden one spring afternoon. It was a beautiful day and I was looking forward to getting my hands dirty while I worked in the garden. I told my husband I would have all six plants in the ground before he returned home from picking our son up from school, but things turned out differently that day.

The moment I tried to take the shovel to the ground, my muscles felt like they had 50 pound weights attached to them. I didn't have enough strength to even dig one hole, let alone six holes. I could barely walk across the yard. I was lightheaded, dizzy, and felt very thirsty and I didn't know what was going on, but it was as though the battery that runs the energy center in my body had suddenly run out. All I could do was sit in a chair outside and wait for my husband to come home.

I told my husband what happened and he finished the gardening project within about 15 minutes. I couldn't believe how helpless I was. I had always been so active and busy but suddenly my physical body was not cooperating with me. As the day went on, I began to feel worse. I began to shake and have tremors, my thirst intensified, and I began to have tunnel vision and blurred vision as though I was going to lose consciousness. I was certain that I had developed sudden onset adult diabetes, so my husband took me to the Emergency Room to have blood work done.

Everything turned out normal and I was sent home. But, my symptoms continued to get worse. Within the next couple of days, I tried to get out of bed to go to the bathroom and found that I couldn't even stand. Now, I was getting really scared. My husband called for an ambulance and I was transported to the Emergency Room once again, only this time I was admitted to the hospital for evaluation. I underwent 3 days of cat scans, MRI's, and more blood tests, but still no one was able to find the cause of my symptoms. Those 3 days in the hospital were a blur. I was not fully present in the physical world and I had visits from my deceased father as well as several of my guides. I began to see bands of energy or waves that connected everyone and everything together and it was like another reality was blending into this one. My anxiety about what happened was disappearing. I knew I belonged to something bigger and greater than the 3-d world. I was told by my guides and my father that it wasn't my time to leave yet and that 3 people in my family were anchoring me to the planet. When I tried to leave my body, I could actually feel a magnetic pull from the consciousness of these 3 people who were pulling me back and I believe if it wasn't for them, I would not be here today. My guides told me that this experience was part of my soul mission and that there were other people who were also involved that were contracted with me on this journey. Although my guides and my father were looking after me, I knew they weren't able to spontaneously heal me. I knew some serious inner work had to be done and that I would need to figure out how to heal myself.

On the third day in the hospital, a physical therapist began to work with me. As soon as I regained some strength to stand with a walker, I was released to go home. I left there feeling withered, weak, and a person without answers, but this was the beginning of my metamorphosis.

My life changed from that moment on. I could no longer climb the stairs in my own home, go to the bathroom without assistance, or even get in and out of the bathtub by myself. My incredible husband set up a bed for me downstairs and waited on me hand and foot, and never complained, not one time. My mother came over to help. Friends showed up to offer their support. My youngest son became a caretaker, and my home business I had been running for 11 years had to be put on hold. My husband was managing everything and although I was sad at how quickly our lives can change, I quickly realized there wasn't a dang thing I could do about any of it. I was being forced to surrender EVERYTHING. I had to surrender my job and my attachments to money. I had to surrender my security about what tomorrow was going to bring. I also had to surrender to the idea that no one seemed to be able to help me. It was up to me to figure out how to heal myself.

It took weeks and sometimes months to be referred from one specialist to the next while I continued to undergo a battery of specialized tests. Although I was relieved to discover that I didn't have a stroke, MS, Parkinson's disease, cancer, or adrenal failure, which all seemed probable but all were ruled out after being thoroughly evaluated by an endocrinologist, a cardiologist, a neurosurgeon and a naturopath.  

As I lay weak in bed during the weeks that followed I had to get used to a life that demanded me to rest and during this time, something guided me to watched as many Netflix documentaries about health, healing and nutrition that I could find. And so I did. I obsessively began to watch Netflix which was something I never had time for in the past. I watched "Cowspiracy", "What The Health", "Veducated", "Forks Over Knives", "Fat Sick And Nearly Dead", "Food, Inc.", "GMO OMG" and many others. I then began locating a lot of MD's on YouTube who had come forward to share thousands of cases where their patients cured themselves from chronic illnesses including cancer, diabetes, MS, as well as heart disease. Many of these MD's speak annually at the Hawaiian Vegetarian Society convention as well as at other conferences, and the stories they share about stepping outside of the matrix and going against pharmaceutical companies to help their patients heal -- moved me to tears. I discovered that every illness could be eradicated in two ways. 1. By removing toxins built up in the body and 2. By supplementing the body with plant based foods because most people suffer from nutritional deficiencies. 

When I made my next appointment with my MD, the synchronicities in my life compounded. The very mindset I was being guided to follow was also being practiced by my own family doctor. My MD gave me a special diet to follow called the Epstein Barre diet and he encouraged me to eat a raw plant based diet for 28 days and he told me this would kick start my body into healing itself. I had done my own research and knew he was right. I knew if I didn't stop eating animals, dairy, and other toxic foods that I was going to die prematurely from whatever made me sick in the first place. I know that plant based eating healed so many people from so many ailments so why wouldn't this work for me? I located books, Internet links, and YouTube videos to find raw plant-based recipes and it wasn't long before I began to heal.

kendra jonas healing beyond the matrixI lost 12 pounds in 4 months. I didn't need to take any more pharmaceutical medications, and my channeling and psychic abilities became much more enhanced. I was connecting to nature on a different level. For the first time, I was living consciously and no longer in denial that animal slaughterhouses were okay. I began to see the chickens in the grocery store and the slabs of meat packaged by the butcher for what it really was: Dead animals. I no longer viewed an animals carcass as food. In fact, it was amazing how unconscious I had been all these years until I got sick enough to realize that aligning with death and destruction to feed myself was killing me too. I learned that feeding ourselves animal protein and believing this was good for us was all part of the lie within the artificial matrix. The meat and dairy council has spent trillions of advertising dollars on campaigns to convince us that if we don't eat meat, we won't get enough protein in our diet. Yet, there are countless studies that prove that too much protein and that which comes from animals actually causes cancer and heart disease, and our body does not require the amounts or the types of protein that we have been encouraged to eat. We have been fed lies from a very life-threatening and harmful industry that is not only harming our health but also the health of the planet and the ecosystem. 

Protein is the building block found in all life, including all plant life. People who eat plant based diets do not ever receive a protein deficient diet. In fact, those who eat exclusively a plant-based, whole food diet don't get osteoporosis like their dairy eating counterparts; and they don't develop heart disease, cancer, or strokes. The leading causes of death in America has shown to be 100% eradicated for those that eat plant-based diets and avoid animal proteins all together. I too have eradicated my mystery illness and regained most of the strength in my legs within only about 5 months of making this lifestyle change.

If it wasn't for my becoming sick and almost dying, I would not have learned any of this. I would still be eating cheese, drinking milk, and eating all kinds of meats and processed foods and wondering why I wasn't feeling good. I might still be buying into the Big Ag campaigns that tells us that "Milk does a body good" or that "Beef is whats for dinner". Somehow I am eating some really amazing dinners that sustain me even better and they don't contain any meat. I wonder how I have been able to survive without eating beef, chicken, or pork? I'm eating plants and not only surviving, but thriving better than ever before. Conversely, for those who only eat meat and nothing else, I doubt that anyone could survive on that diet for very long. So the idea that people are supposed to eat meat or milk from another species doesn't even make common sense. We've been tricked and lied to about what we should and shouldn't eat for optimum health. If we can be tricked into eating things that goes against our own biology, I wonder what else we could be tricked into doing?

One thing I know for sure, the American diet was killing me. Sometimes it takes a wake-up call to show us where we need to shift in our lives. As a once unconscious eater, the choices I make today are completely conscious and every bite counts. I have never felt more connected to the earth and to higher 5-D frequencies since I've made this shift. It took an illness and almost dying for me to learn that we thrive much better when we let go of the artificial matrix, the programming, and the lies and choose what we know is good for us instead.