Principle # 5 - You Are Timeless, Infinite and Eternal

Dear One,

     You have been led to believe that you are less than the one who created you, when in fact; you are a mirrored replica of your creator. There is one consciousness or one intelligence that exists at the core of all living things. We will call this ‘The I AM Presence’.

     The I AM presence is your connection to All That Is. All That Is comes from and originates from energy, from one source, and from one mind. It is the whole and it is also the parts. This concept can be compared to knowing that every cell in your body has the DNA that holds the blueprint reflective of your entire body. You hold the blueprint within yourself that also reflects the same blueprint that 
is within the body of creation.

     All That Is has a vibration and a voice of its own just like you, and it also can be heard as the voice of many. The individual parts of the whole have their own jobs and their own place and it must exist this way, otherwise All That Is cannot be all that it expresses itself to be. 

     You are an individual fractal that has branched off directly from the whole. Fractals hold the exact mathematical proportions as the whole, which is why it is important that you be yourself as fully as you can so you can express yourself exactly as you were created to be. This is the only way that All That Is can come to know its infinite nature and unveil its own expression.

     The cells in your body serve a specific purpose and the individual cells or “parts” benefit the “whole”, or the entire body, when all the cells are doing what they have been designed to do. Do you know what happens to the body if any of the individual cells refuse to follow their DNA blueprint?

     You are one cell in the body of creation. It is important to BE exactly who you are, to follow your bliss and your calling exactly as this defines you in your own unique way so that you can fearlessly BE the individual you were designed to be. Do not compare yourself to anyone else. When you live as the person you were meant to be, you will be expressing your highest and greatest good and this also
serves the good, health, and well-being of the whole.

     You are the greatest gift that the world could ever see and know, when you are you, just as you are. Do not try to be anyone else. Do not try to think like anyone else. Do not try to behave like someone else. There is an entire world of other bodies or other cells that are dependent on you to do your job and this will trigger them to do their job as part of the total body of creation. Your only job is to be you. Therein lies the beautiful and wondrous creation of you you as an individual, you as a fractal of the whole, and you as the whole itself. This is the nature of who you truly are.

Transcribed from:
The Voice of Creation