About Kendra

Kendra Jonas is a business owner, author, public speaker, personal development coach, and a liaison or a channeler for extraterrestrial cosmic intelligence. For the past 26 years, Kendra has had numerous contact experiences with various benevelent extraterrestrial races. Today, Kendra serves as a messenger for one being in particular named "Melody", who refers to herself as a Spirit Guide residing in the 5th dimension, whose sole intention is to help humanity ascend into 5th dimensional consciousness.

Kendra's Early Life Experiences With Extraterrestrials

Kendra's journey has not been an easy one. In 1991, at the age of 22, Kendra became conscious of having her first extraterrestrial contact experience with a particular group of Beings known as "The Greys" and this was not just a one-time occurrence. Kendra had regular contact experiences
with "The Greys" which were very frightening and this literally "rocked her world." Although she suffered from PTSD, insomnia, anxiety, and depression as a result from some of these early experiences, she was learning a lot that later carried over into the work she does today. These regular visits were largely due to an agreement that Kendra made before she incarnated to the earth in which she would be part of a ET/Human hybrid program. This program is where DNA samples, and/or sperm and ovum are extracted from the human participants in order to help create a new race of beings, both off-planet and on-planet. The on-planet hybrid children being born today are often referred to as star-children, indigo children, or rainbow children. Many of these children have DNA that has been altered and they have cellular memories of being from another world and can remember past lives at a very young age. The hybrid children are here to bring forth special gifts and abilities and to share wisdom from the extraterrestrial connections they have had since birth. These children are highly intelligent but are often misunderstood or diagnosed with conditions or labels such as ADHD, ADD, or Autism. Kendra and her children have the same characteristics that many other people have who also report having ET abductions and/or ET contact experiences. 

Around the year 2,000, Kendra's contact experiences began to evolve to another level. Other types of extraterrestrial Beings began to work directly with her to raise her vibration through energy work. She had a lot of visits during that time that consisted of out of body experiences where she was taught many things about the soul and human consciousness. She had a lot of energetic experiences that felt like painless electrical surges that pulsated through her body which happened as frequently as two to three times a month and this went on for more than 10 years. Kendra began to notice physical changes taking place in her body in that her psychic abilities were enhancing; she became intolerant of certain GMO'ed foods, medications, and artificial chemicals; she connected more deeply to plants, animals and people; and she began to have clairvoyant and clairaudient experiences with higher dimensional beings that were very different from the experiences she had with "The Greys". This was the catalyst that opened the gateway for her to begin channeling information for her book "The Link", as well as channeling for a specific 5th Dimensional Being named Melody.

Around 2012 Kendra's channeling abilities were enhancing very quickly but she didn't have the background or knowledge at that time to fully understand what was happening to her. As Kendra was getting downloads and inspirations for what later became her book called, "The Link", she was simultaneously having visitations from less desirable beings who seemed to be threatened by the very book she was working on. This is what lead to a greater confirmation that the information she was receiving was very important, otherwise why would these other beings have such an interest in trying to stop her? Kendra called out to the universe one day to ask for help and it was in that very moment that Melody entered into her consciousness and introduced herself as Kendra's Spirit Guide. A new level of clairaudience emerged and this was something that Kendra had never experienced before, not even with "The Greys". The clarity, audibility, and flawless energy she received from Melody was unlike anything she had ever experienced before. From the moment Melody introduced herself, Kendra began learning a tremendous amount from Melody and received a better understanding of her own higher purpose ever since. Melody has told Kendra about events before they have occurred and with complete and total accuracy; Melody has provided information about diagnosing and treating specific illnesses with members of her own family; she has provided clarity with relationship issues; information about past lives; and provided techniques for healing past, present, and future timelines. The evolving relationship between Kendra and Melody proved to Kendra that Melody is an authentic and genuine being who is accessible anytime we need to have a greater understanding about what is happening in our lives, or when we feel stuck with everyday life challenges. The messages that Kendra channels for Melody have proven time and again to be very accurate, and Melody always has a brilliant way of helping us all see the bigger picture.

In May 2017, Kendra survived a near death experience after becoming ill from some kind of a mystery illness. The illness left her unable to walk for several days with a debilitating weakness that lingered into the months that followed. Her near death experience and recovery is what provided Kendra with an even greater understanding about valuing her life purpose and soul mission. Her previous fear about coming out as a channel or worrying about other people seeing her as crazy or weird was no longer important. Kendra realized that we all have just one moment called "The Present" to make our lives count and to be in our absolute truth and integrity. We are meant to share our gifts and information with others to the best of our abilities and if we try to go against what we are meant to do, the universe has a way of knocking on our door and shifting things for us. Today, through Melody's guidance and channeled sessions, Kendra is more dedicated than ever to help other people find the strength to heal themselves from whatever is hindering them and holding them back, so we can all come to know a greater, cosmic intelligence that we are all linked to.

Kendra's Material Life Experiences

Aside from all the extraterrestrial contact experience and channeling that Kendra has shared, she also has also been living an ordinary life, very much like anyone else. She was born in Milwaukie, Oregon in 1969 into a traditional nuclear, middle-class family. She lived with her mother, father, and brother until the age of 18, when she moved out to go to college. In 1993, Kendra received a Bachelor of Art's Degree in Sociology with a minor in Art from Portland State University and received a second Bachelor's Degree (BFA) in Digital Communicationsfrom American Intercontinental University, graduating Summa Cum Laude in 2005. Kendra wrote and illustrated preschool curriculum lesson plans for childcare providers and preschool teachers through a company she started in 1997. Since that time, Kendra has founded and sold several website businesses and still enjoys doing web development and graphic design work, including managing a website that's geared to promote other lightworkers called LighworkersLinked.com. Today, Kendra's husband does most of the web design work for their web design businesses, and Kendra spends the majority of her time working on developing downloadable courses to expand on "The 7 Principles of I AM" that are based on her book entitled, "The Link". Kendra also offers private channeling sessions that are led by her Guide, Melody.

Kendra lives with her husband, has four sons, and is always surrounded by 4-legged Beings and feathered family members, while she continues to write and present channeled information in workshops, conferences, in downloadable courses, and through webinars.