Principle # 7 - You Are Love

Dear One,

    That which you call language, spoken by the tongue and heard with the ears, is not the only type of language that exists. There is another type of language that comes through the heart. This “heart language” is the language of the soul and the soul's language is compassionate, loving and connected to All That Is.

    When you listen and communicate from your heart, you will bypass the limited filters of your ego mind, and this will open up the channels for the divine mind to connect to you. All you need to do is “intend” to have a heart connection, and your intention alone will shift your focus away from ego mind, and this will open up your heart center.

    When you are heart centered, all communication will flow to and from your heart. You will receive information from a higher mind, because that is the only mind that influences the heart. You will also transmit information to others in this same way, because your highest truth will always come from the heart.

    When you are not heart centered, communication from other people or from spirit will always be filtered by the ego. Your ego is the inner critic that manipulates the truth to match its own set of false beliefs. 

     Allow your heart to be overfilled with expressions of love and compassion. Invite cosmic knowledge and intuition into your heart. This will always be like a gentle wind, sweeping through you, unbiased and nonjudgmental – spoken from one heart to another. This is the how you will hear the language of love from The Voice of Creation.

Transcribed from:
The Voice of Creation