About Melody

Melody is a 5th dimensional being that offers guidance, wisdom, and spiritual assistance as humanity makes its next great shift from a 3rd and 4th dimensional consciousness to an expanded 5th dimensional consciousness. Kendra is Melody's channel and presenter for the information that Melody has been providing since November 2012. Information on ascension, how to thrive during difficult times as we learn to bridge duality with unity, and ways to reach our highest potential both collectively and individually, are some of the breaththrough teachings that Melody shares with us in the way of newsletters, videos, courses, and in group and privately channeled sessions.

Kendra, her husband Rainer, and Melody have a radio show called "Mondays With Melody" which airs on Mondays at 10:00am Pacific Time; 11:00am MST; 12:00pm Central Time, and 1:00pm Eastern Time. Tune into Light Waves Radio or click on the YouTube Videos on the right to view archieves from previously aired radio shows.

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