Book A Private Session With Melody

Private one-on-one sessions with Melody are available through Kendra during various times each week. Schedule a channeled session with Melody by selecting from the number or length of sessions you want below. Kendra will contact you by email within 24 hours with currently available times to choose from.

During your private session with Melody, Kendra will go into an altered state of consciousness to connect with Melody and within just a few minutes Melody will come through and open up the session by asking you questions and by inviting you to discuss any issues that are important to you. Many people find it helpful to have several questions written down prior to their session so you will be able to cover everything you wish to ask or talk about, but this is not required. Approximately 2-3 questions can typically be covered during a 30 min session; and approximately 4-7 questions can typically be covered during a 1 hour session.

Setting up a one-on-one Video Skype Session is the preferred method for scheduling your session because Skype has video recording available so you will be able to receive a private video recording of your session! Regular phone calls or Facetime is also an option but those are non-recordable. You will be able to select your preference when you receive the scheduling email after you purchase the amount of time you want for your session below.


1 Hour Session With Melody - $135
30 Min. Session With Melody - $75
EMERGENCY - SAME DAY! 1 Hour Session With Melody - $275


3 Session Package ( Get Three 1 Hour Sessions With Melody) - Regular Price For 3 Sessions $405.
At 10% Off - You Pay Only $365

No expiration date. Sessions can be used at any time.

After you book your Session, Kendra will contact you by email within 24 hours with currently available times to choose from. 

Results That Others Have Reported From Melody's One-On-One Sessions:

1. A revealing of one's soul mission, life purpose, and a deeper connection to one's authentic self.

2. Discovering more abundance, both financially and otherwise, by helping the client shed limiting beliefs or blocks that may be preventing one from experiencing their overflowing birthright for abudnance.

3. Guidance for Trinity Healing -- which connects the mind, body, and spirit, by using various methods and modalities to help heal physical ailments, emotional traumas, and spiritual disconnections. Melody can find the cause of any disharmony in the body, mind, or soul, and can lead to better health and well-being.

4. Shedding light on difficult relationships and how to live more in harmony with ANY relationship you have. This sometimes involves tapping into akashic records to retrieve information from past lives, and Melody can help transform behavior patterns that are no longer beneficial, which leads to healthier, more satisfying relationships with others.

5. Guidance with making difficult decisions.

6. Guidance with setting boundaries and expressing assertiveness where it is needed.

7. Help in processing and transforming grief due to the loss of a loved one, a pet, broken relationships, losing a job, or suffering from any other kind of loss.

8. Help with parenting and how to balance family and work more effectively, how to handle behavioral issues with children and teens, and how to get more of what you want and not more of what you don't want.

9. Help with changing career paths or making other big lifestyle changes.

Packaged sessions are also available for a discounted rate for those looking for long-term assistance and guidance and emergency sessions are also available if you need a same-day appointment.