About "The Link"

On the evening of December 1, 2014, Kendra went to bed feeling frustrated. She had been putting together notes stemming from some of her journaled experiences because she felt called to write a book, however nothing seemed to be coming together in a uniform way. Her notes were fragmented and lacked structure. So, that night before retiring to bed, she called out to the universe that she was going to give up the idea of ever writing a book. But someone, from somewhere else, heard her thoughts and frustrations and had something else in mind.

Sometime past midnight after Kendra had fallen asleep, she was woken by a voice that said he had an important message to give her and she will want to write it down. Kendra sleepily reached for her cell phone's notepad and began typing the message exactly as she heard it. The voice spoke very fast and concise, leaving Kendra with no time to contemplate what she was hearing or why she was hearing it.

The voice said, "I am giving you The 7 Principles of I AM and these principles are going to become the 7 chapters in your book." Kendra wrote down the 7 principles as quickly as she heard them and still wasn't sure what any of this meant at the time. She fell back to sleep and revisited her notes again the next morning and to her surprise, her journal entries and scattered notes suddenly began to have structure. For the first time, Kendra began to see how a book was taking form.

This same voice returned to Kendra on several other occasions while she was working on her book, especially whenever she started working at the beginning of each chapter. The voice continued to appear at the perfect time to introduce and defined each principle. Although the voice never referred to itself by any name, Kendra decided to call the voice, “The Voice of Creation” in order to separate the messages she heard directly from this voice from the other information that she added to the book. "The Voice of Creation" provided Kendra with the blueprint to bring her book into fruition and it also carried a lot of wisdom surrounding the nature of consciousness and our greater human potential.

The 7 Principles of I AM Wheel:

1. I AM Pure Conscious Energy – This first principle reminds you that you are a vibration of energy and energy can never be destroyed. It always exists. This will never change.

2. I AM Whole – This second principle reminds you that there is nothing about yourself that you need to change or fix. You are whole just the way you are, because you exist. You are a fractal of the one who created you, so you are therefore one with All That is. You are whole just the way you are.

3. I Am Not The Ego – The ego is the voice of labels that exists because the brain tries to label everything. However, if you stopped listening to the labeling ego as a way to define who you are, you will still exist. Therefore, you are not the ego. You are not the sum of any labels.

4. I Am Multidimensional – You are more than just a physical body having this physical experience. You are consciousness and consciousness can have multiple experiences within a multidimensional universe. This means you can exist multidimensionally.

5. I Am Timeless, Infinite, and Eternal – This aspect of your true self will also never change. We only experience linear time from a third dimensional perspective. When you dream at night, when you lose yourself in whatever you are passionate about, or when you find the zero point of your existence by being in the moment of “now” you will enter into your own timelessness. Your soul is timeless and its existence is always eternal. This is also the nature of energy as described in the first principle.

6. I Am Creative – You are capable of having ANY experience you want. This is where applying whatever labels you want following your own “I AM” awareness can apply. You can BE anything you want  in your I AM consciousness. Your thoughts, perceptions, and emotions are creating vibrational energy all the time. This is how you create your reality.

7. I Am Love –  You are made up of the same energy that is also in All That Is. If you understand that love is a vibration of energy and it is synonymous with creation, and since you are part of creation, then you can connect to everyone and everything through your heart, simply by knowing that you are made of love. You are love. Everything in the universe is made from this same vibration.

What separates the 7 Principles of I AM from other I AM statements or affirmations?

The difference is that The 7 Principles of I AM reflect permanent aspects of ourself that can't ever change. Everything else we apply to the I AM is fleeting, changing and only temporary. Examples of labels that define fleeting experiences are phrases such as "I am happy." "I am healthy" "I am thankful" and "I am prosperous". What was different about The 7 Principles of I AM was that those I AM statements do not fleet or come and go. These principles defined the nature of consciousness itself .

Learning how to activite these principles within everyday living has helped countless people unleash their own untapped potential, paving the way for the emergence of 5th dimensional consciousness. There are tools to integrate these principles into our everyday lives. This message has been delivered to all of us, and this book provides a bridge between two worlds, closing the gap between what is termporary and material from what defines as beings of pure consciousness. This book provides the tools to guide us towards a clearer understanding about who we are and what we are capable of as a human race.

Praise for "The Link"...

“This book amazed me right away. I have been interested in these themes my whole life and have had an intuitive understanding about whatLaura Eisenhower
Kendra Jonas is expressing so beautifully, so to have a book articulate it in this way, is a treasure that excites me and relieves me beyond words.  As one reads this material, I can confidently say that activations will happen and personal transformation will begin to truly take place.  It is saying hello to places within you that have been dormant. It will unlock doorways and let you discover far more of yourself, not just in philosophical terms, but as a grounded being who is expanding in consciousness in the here and now.  It simplifies the complex and takes you on a journey into your deepest self. It hands you the lantern and sets you free. This is a brilliant book of spiritual truths that have been lost to us.  It gives us permission to set ourselves free and describes what we are made of energetically, which influences this physical experience and guides us home — the home that dwells within. Ascension is very much an inner shift that changes our outer reality and this book will greatly assist one in achieving this.”

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower,  Great-Granddaughter of Dwight David Eisenhower

Dr. Dream - Mark Peebler“Kendra Jonas guides us with grace and ease, on the most important journey of all; the inner journey of bringing meaning to our life experience. Transformational at its very core, this book is a must read for anyone on a spiritual path, which should be all of us at this time! The Link is no longer missing.”
Mark “Dr. DREAM” Peebler