How To Unplug From The Matrix

By , Kendra Jonas

We don't have to look very hard to notice that there is a spiritual war at play on planet Earth. We will discuss "who" started this war and "why" in the paragraphs that unplugging from the matrixfollow, but for now, let's talk about the war itself.

The war I am talking about isn't a militarized war. It is a spiritual war over the collective vibration of humanity with an agenda to keep the collective consciousness in a state of total chaos and in a lower vibratory state. To achieve this, a hijacking occurred at every level of our social structure. Chaos is deeply embedded within the fabric of our society; whether we are looking at politics, employment, religion, the money system, the medical system, and even our educational system. We have been programed to believe that working ourselves to death for very little income is acceptable; that ingesting chemicals and calling it food or medicine is perfectly fine; and that it is okay to be ruled by others who get to control how far our money will go and even determining what we can and can't spend our money on. Approximately 30% of whatever we earn goes towards taxes, which is paid to a government that is permitted to operate under shady bookkeeping practices, in which trillions of lost tax dollars cannot even be accounted for. We are taught that without the ability to generate money for ourselves, things like food and shelter will vanish from our lives, which threatens our most basic survival needs. For the majority of our existence, food, shelter, and plant medicines were freely enjoyed by indigenous people directly from Mother Earth as gifts of nature, but today a money system is tied to our very survival.  

These programs within the artificial matrix create feelings of oppression and have been purposely put into place so we will stay in a lower vibratory state. This leads the collective consciousness to vibrate at a level where there is a deep sense of unrest, stress, and apathy, because these programs within the artificial matrix do not align with our intuitive nature or what our heart is guiding us to do. The inconsistencies between the heart and mind is what creates the struggles we feel. We have been tricked into keeping our vibration in a lower state because we have been convinced that living within this matrix is "normal" and the way things have always been, but this is not true. People don't realize that the artificial matrix is the reason why they are unconsciously discharging lower vibrating emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, guilt, sadness, depression, apathy, etc. Living with long-term contradictions between the cognitive programs stemming from the matrix and what is intuitively felt in the heart is what leads to dis-ease, whether we look at social disease, mental disease, spiritual disease, or physical disease. All dis-ease (simply means without ease) and is stemming from the same source: The Artificial Matrix.

Who Created The Artifical Matrix And Why?

Human beings are not the only type of intelligent humanoid lifeforms that dwell on planet Earth. There is a hidden group of reptilian beings who have been inhabiting this planet for longer than humanity has been here. These beings are very good at hiding their identity because they are hundreds of thousands of years more technologically advanced than humans. They are skilled at disguising themselves to look more human than they are through (what some refer to) as shapeshifting technology. This is where they can make themselves appear to be human most of the time so that people will be completely unaware of their presence. These beings operate solely from a reptilian brain which is constantly driven by never having enough, whether this pertains to power, food, sex, and other forms of personal gratification. Their collective vibration is lower that the collective human vibration because the reptilian beings are always operating in service to self. They lack compassion and unity with any other living things, so they don't care about who or what they harm along the way.

Being able to inhabit a physical body on planet Earth was a struggle for these less spiritually advanced beings, because their vibration was not the right match to what is needed to be in an earthly body. So, the reptilian beings spent the next several generations terraforming the planet so they could extract and utilize DNA that could be used to create earthly bodies for themselves. They turned the earth into a laboratory, farming giant beasts known as dinosaurs, which provided the reptilian humanoids with the perfect DNA soup for their hybrid race. Since their energetic signatures operate within a frequency of 2 1/2 dimensions, they needed to create denser physical bodies for themselves which also required a different way to extract energy from the planet, necessary for their sustenance. 

Since they don't vibrate high enough to be able to perceive higher vibrating emotions such as love, joy, gratitude, and peace, they can only extract life-bearing energy through lower frequency emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, despair, guilt and grief. In order for them to maintain having a consciousness in the 3-d realm, they have to extract this emotional energy continuously. To the reptilian, being able to dwell in 3-d consciousness, even if only in small bursts at a time, is like the equivalent to us operating in 5-d consciousness, which most of us experience in fleeting moments also. The reptilians are unable to perceive or experience the vastness of emotions like human’s experience emotions because humans are much more versed in their multidimensionality. Human beings are known by ET races as being able to experience multiple lives across numerous galaxies because humans are considered Creator Beings. Humans are able to shift their energetic vibration at any time, simply by having the intention to do so. We don't need technology to tap into higher states of consciousness. All we need is to become aware that we are capable of doing this and this is what the reptilian beings fight so hard to keep us from remembering. Hence, the Artificial Matrix was created. 

How Do We Unplug From The Artificial Matrix?

Awareness is the key. Being aware that other beings are ready to siphon negative emotional energy from you and I should be enough to stop us in our tracks, but since these beings are invisible to most people, it's difficult to explain to others that this is going on and why it is so important to choose our thoughts, reactions, and responses very carefully. It matters how we think, what we believe, and how we respond, because this creates our vibratory state and the vibratory state that humanity collectively chooses is what determines whether these lower vibrating entities will be able to continue to thrive here or not. The lower vibrating emotional energy that fuels them is known as lusch. When we unplug from the Matrix and consciously remove ourselves from aligning with things that upset us, and instead, choose love, compassion and hope in every situation, then we are no longer living within the artificial matrix. We can learn to become observers of everything that is going on around us instead of reacting with a lower vibratory response. We can become conscious of 'how' we perceive everything and we can start viewing our life as a temporary story and you are just one of the actors in your story who is playing a role with the intention to learn and gain something from your life experiences. Once you become aware that there is a higher place where you reside as an observer, and you are not the sum of the roles you are playing, nor are you the sum of the experiences you are having, then you are unplugged from the matrix. Operating as the observer instead of reacting with negative emotional output will keep your vibration high and outside of the scope of the reptilian consciousness and their programs.  When humanity realizes that they can choose love over fear, unity over division, acceptance over resistance, then the artificial matrix will crumble, because the programs can only work if the masses choose to buy into them. 

As Creator Beings, whatever we give our focus and attention to is what we will create for ourselves, whether we choose to side with fear or love. Other actions we can take that will make it easier to respond positively are to avoid watching things like the world news, or other things in "TV programming" that illicit fear-based responses or that create a sense of powerlessness in your life. The information we ingest is just as important as the types of food we choose to eat. When we choose to ingest organic plant based foods as opposed to eating animals that have experienced suffering at a slaughterhouse, we will raise our vibration. Everything is energy and any negative energy we ingest, whether It’s information we receive, the food we eat, or the people we choose to associate with, all affects our vibration. We should avoid GMO's, or foods that have been heavily sprayed with pesticides or that are laden with chemicals, and we should choose to align with people who are supportive, loving and encouraging and steer away from those who aren't or at least not become bothered when other people have different perspectives or opinions from our own.